Comprehensive hearing services for the residents of Colorado.

Hearing Tests in Louisville, CO

We offer comprehensive hearing exams to test your hearing ability and to determine what degree of hearing loss you have. Understanding the exact degree and nature of your hearing loss will help us find the best solution possible. We offer tests for hearing loss, tinnitus, and sound sensitivity.

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Cerumen Removal

Cerumen (earwax) is important for healthy ears. However, sometimes earwax can build-up inside the ear canal, causing discomfort and muffled hearing. If you have clogged ears due to earwax impaction, we can help you.

Hearing Aid Fitting

After your hearing exam we will discuss some solutions that will help you hear better. When recommending hearing aids, we will consider your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Then, using real-ear measurement, we will expertly fit your hearing aids to your hearing prescription.
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Hearing Aid Programming

Our audiologist is knowledgeable about all of the major hearing aid manufacturers. She can expertly program and adjust the settings on any hearing aid, even if you purchased your devices elsewhere.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance

We recommend bringing your devices in to our office every six months for a professional cleaning and regular maintenance. This will ensure your hearing aids last you for many years to come. We can also make minor repairs on hearing aids in our office.
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Custom Earmolds

We offer custom-fit earmolds and earplugs for optimal hearing protection. We can even scan earmolds in house when we order custom earmolds and earplugs! Any time the noise around you exceeds 85 decibels, it’s crucial to wear custom fit hearing protection to ensure your ears are safe.

Tinnitus Management

If you suffer from chronic ringing in the ears, we can help you. When you come in for a hearing evaluation, we can perform a tinnitus test to determine the cause and severity of your tinnitus. If you want to stop ringing in the ears, contact our office today.
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