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724 Front Street
Louisville , CO 80027
(303) 666-8149 fax: (303) 666-9149


Serving residents of Colorado in Louisville, Boulder, Erie, Layafette, Thornton, Westminster, Brighton and surrounding areas

  • Evaluations for hearing, tinnitus, and sound sensitivity
  • Hearing aid consultations
  • Programming and repair for: Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex hearing aids
  • Limited repair and programming services for: Beltone, Bernafon, Kirkland brand, Miracle Ear, and Rexton hearing aids
  • Ear wax removal
  • Custom ear molds
  • Monthly services at Balfour Senior Living in Louisville


"Dr. Meg has changed my life. It's amazing the difference of how well I can hear now! You don't know how bad you hear until you do hear and it's like wow!"

Mollie S.

"I hear the water heater in my Cuisinart again. I did not hear that with my old hearing aids. Now I do."

Robert S.

"I don't need my TV headset anymore. I do not absolutely need to put my landline on speaker anymore."

Bob C.

"Now that I have these hearing aids, they have adjusted the volumes so that the sound of the furnace is more quiet so I can hear on the phone when the furnace is going. Oh we like this office!"

Clare M.

"These (hearing aids) are so good I actually forget about my hearing loss."

Bill C.

"I wish my grandmother were alive today to hear this well."

Cheryl M.

"Dr. Meg has made my life much easier and pleasant by helping me hear life around me. She is specific and clear in teaching one how to best use hearing aids and helps to keep them clean. Thanks Dr. Meg."

Paul L.

"If you need some help with your hearing, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Meg Cates (Clinical Audiologist) at Hearing Solutions in Louisville, CO. Dr. Meg Cates knows what she is doing and has a high level of expertise in the correction of hearing disorders. She's very clever, logical and funny too. I can't recommend her enough."

Jon T.