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Hearing technology for every lifestyle and hearing need.

Hearing Aids

in Louisville, CO

Our hearing center works with the “big six” hearing aid brands so we can fit everyone’s unique needs. Our patients pick the make and model based on a professional recommendation on what you as an individual would most benefit from. No matter what your hearing needs are, we guarantee we have a device for you.

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Styles of Hearing Aids

We carry many styles and types of hearing aids for sale at our offices, including the following:

Over the Ear

RIC hearing aids

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aids are reliable and convenient. These have a lightweight feel to them and a flexible fit.

BTE hearing aids

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids put you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

open BTE hearing aids

Open BTE

Open BTE are behind-the-ear devices that have an open fit. This type of hearing aid provides amplification via a small tube inserted into the ear canal. 

Custom Hearing Aids

IIC hearing aids

Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC)

IIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing instrument available. These are for people who want ultimate discretion while benefiting from the natural acoustics of the external ear.

CIC hearing aids

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aids are sleek and subtle. This technology is molded to the unique contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

ITE hearing aids

In-the-Ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are custom molded for you. They are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

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Hearing Technology

Over the years, we’ve seen some remarkable changes that have improved the quality of life for everyone who wears hearing aids. From rechargeable hearing aids for people who don’t want to change small batteries to Bluetooth hearing aids that can connect straight to your smartphone, the advancements in technology have been incredible. Many of the brands of hearing aids we carry at Hearing Solutions use artificial intelligence (AI). Hearing aids that use AI are incredibly smart and automatically adjust to your surroundings and filter out noise. Our hearing specialist stays up to date on the latest technology and can recommend a device that will match your individual needs.
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Featured Hearing Aid

Life-Changing Innovation from Oticon

Oticon Intent™

Facing the daily challenge of hearing conversations in noisy environments can be difficult for individuals with hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids understand sound, but not you. Oticon Intent™ is the first hearing aid that understands what you want to listen to.

Using revolutionary BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Intent™ uses your movements, the environment, and the conversation around you to recognize what you want and need to listen to, adapting seamlessly to deliver truly personalized support. With Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable power, Oticon Intent™ offers life-changing benefits.*

Benefits of Oticon Intent™:

*Expected use time for rechargeable battery depends on use pattern, active feature set, hearing loss, sound environments, battery age and wireless accessories.

Oticon Intent hearing aids
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Best Hearing Aid for Musicians


Widex has a hearing aid that has changed the game to deliver a more pure, natural sound: the Widex MOMENT. With the Widex MOMENT you will be able to hear sound naturally. The Widex MOMENT is conveniently rechargeable and even designed to withstand moisture. Hear life clearly, with the Widex MOMENT.

widex moment haring aids

Best Custom Hearing Aid

Starkey Evolv AI

Introducing 2-way audio, allowing you to effortlessly connect to better hearing. Now, Evolv AI hearing aid microphones pick up and stream your voice directly back to iPhone and iPad*, allowing you to seamlessly talk hands-free. Available in a rechargeable solution, the Evovl AI will provide you with a full day of hearing.

The Evolv AI is the most advanced hearing aid technology that gives you the best Starkey SoundTM. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment, so you can hear and enjoy life. You can feel connected with Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids.

*Compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and later, as well as iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Air (4th generation), and iPad mini (6th generation).

Starkey Evolv AI rechargeable custom hearing aids
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Assistive Listening Devices

In addition to hearing aids, we also carry a large selection of assistive listening devices (ALD’s). Assistive listening devices are designed to provide extra clarity and assistance in complex listening environments. Whether you need help hearing in a lecture hall, in a conference room, or out at a restaurant, ALD’s can make your listening experience more seamless.

In addition to assistive hearing technology, we also carry hearing aid supplies including batteries, domes, and wax guards.

Hearing Aid FAQs

This depends on your insurance provider. Generally speaking, Medicare by itself does not cover hearing aids. Some Medicare supplements do have some coverage, so it’s best to check with them.

 We recommend a baseline hearing test starting at age 60, sooner if you have noticed a change in your hearing.

Medicare and Medicare supplement plans specifically require a primary care physician’s referral for a hearing evaluation. If you wish to write to congress to oppose this requirement, you can join our efforts to change that requirement here: Patient Resources – Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act H.R. 4056 (chooseaudiology.org)

We try our best to meet as many budgets as we can, so we offer a variety of devices that range in cost. How much it costs an individual patient will depend on their budget, needs, and insurance coverage. If you have more questions about specific devices, we offer a free consultation appointment to go over your individual situation.

Yes, financing is available for all hearing aid purchases for applicants that qualify. Our financing program offers 15 months, 0% interest through KeyBank.

We are in network with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Amplifon, Vocational Rehabilitation, VA Community Care, and Medicaid.

We can file out of network benefits as well for Aetna and Cigna. If you carry an insurance we are not in network for, we offer competitive self-pay rates for our services.