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Dearest patients,

Hearing Solutions has shut down the physical office until further notice in order to protect our community. Hearing tests and routine appointments are therefore postponed as they cannot be completed remotely.

Have a hearing emergency? Call us! 303-666-8149. Dr. Meg has installed a secure drop-off box outside front door of the office for such occasions. We know that it is important to hear always, including now. Dr. Meg will be fielding phone calls and emails for emergency needs and we will do the best we can to support you through this time.

Have a question to discuss? Schedule a telehealth appointment! We have set up the ability on our website to schedule online and to schedule a webcam meeting with Dr. Meg to consult on your hearing needs. Fees may apply.

Take good care,
Dr. Meg & the team at Hearing Solutions

Hearing Aids at Hearing Solutions

Hearing Solutions offers a full range of hearing aids, and Dr. Meg uses her extensive experience to help her find the right hearing aid match for each patient. Because we aren’t brand-specific, we are able to choose a hearing aid based on your lifestyle and your individual hearing loss rather than because we are contractually obligated to prescribe something.

For those of our patients who cannot be without hearing aids, we do our best to have loaners around in case yours need to go in for repair. It’s Murphy’s Law; hearing aids always seem to need repairs when you need your hearing aids most! We understand how important your hearing is, so we do our best to make sure you’re never without the ability to hear.

The Right Type of Hearing Aid

Most of our patients wear the receiver-in-the-ear style. This style maintains a certain amount of comfort because the hearing aid is outside your ear, so there isn’t much bulk inside your ear. It also offers a high fidelity sound because the hearing aid speaker is actually inside your ear. However, we also fit patients with other hearing aid forms depending on your personal comfort and what your hearing loss requires. We’ll analyze this together in-office to find the best fit for your ears.

We do custom work, which can be helpful for patients whose ear shape prevents them from wearing standard earbuds. We also offer a hybrid between a custom inside-the-ear with most of the equipment still located outside the ear. Custom work is not better, nor is it more expensive - cost is virtually the same regardless of what hearing aid form you get. The difference in price comes from the different technology levels available to you, whether you get something simple and straightforward or you want something with Bluetooth capability and advanced smartphone app controls.

We Carry All Manufacturers

Hearing Solutions has accounts with the “big six” hearing aid manufacturers so we can fit everybody’s needs. If you moved to Louisville with existing hearing aids and are looking for a new hearing aid provider, we can help with your hearing aids regardless of what brand they are.

hearing aids in Louisville CO

We dispense hearing aids and pick the make and model based on what each patient needs. Oticon is our favorite brand for patients who have never worn hearing aids before; Oticon hearing aids have a gentle sound that patients tell us is much easier to get used to. It’s kind of like “easy mode” for getting acclimated to wearing hearing aids. We’re also a fan of Starkey for their custom work. We also carry models from Phonak, Signia, ReSound, EarQ, and Widex in case any of those are right for you.

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Why Choose Hearing Solutions and Dr. Meg?

When it comes to comfort and hearing aids, fit is everything. Half a millimeter difference in where something fits in the ear makes a world of difference for the patient regardless of what kind of hearing aid they wear. Most of our peers in the area have a dremel tool and other tools in their kit to help make a hearing aid fit better and more comfortable; we have all this and more, and Dr. Meg has especially advanced modification skills. Making a custom piece isn’t a perfect process; the ear is a moving target because it moves and changes when you talk and chew.

Custom molds fit that moment in time. You might find that there’s a piece here or there that rubs. When that happens, our peers will send the hearing aid back to the manufacturer for another try. At Hearing Solutions, we’re really good at using the tools we have here to modify your hearing aid on-site, so any patient who needs adjustments made can walk home comfortable. That also applies to repairs, not just fitting. We can patch holes that other people might have sent in, which saves everybody money. Repairs are included if your hearing aids are under warranty, but if not, it’s a lot cheaper for us to do it in-office.

The Latest Technology

In the past few years, we’ve seen some remarkable changes that have improved the quality of life for everyone who uses hearing aids. Perhaps most importantly, we have been glad to see the appearance of rechargeable hearing aids for people who don’t want to fumble with batteries anymore. We’ve also been waiting for phone connectivity, since it seemed like the hearing aid industry was behind - but no longer! Now you can connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone to make phone calls or control the aids with an app on your phone.

We are looking forward to the Bluetooth process continuing to become more streamlined in the future so your hearing aids can better connect directly to the rest of the world. For example, at some airport, you can connect your hearing aids to what is being said over the loudspeaker, but only if you have the right technology. We expect that soon you’ll be able to connect to the airport, the movie theater, and other places you need to hear without using any sort of special technology, just your hearing aids and your phone.