At Hearing Solutions of Louisville, CO, we feel it’s important for our patients to have a place to tell their story and how our care has helped them. Below are just a few of the many stories our patients are experiencing.

I was an experienced hearing aid user when I met Chris, but I learned that there  is a huge difference when an audiologist is a partner in helping adapt to living with a hearing loss.  The critical difference with Chris and Buddy is they are my partners. They have a role they take seriously – to understand the nature, impact and technologies of hearing loss – and to listen to me describe what I deal with due to my hearing loss. My job is to work with them and take advantage of this partnership and figure out what will work.  It has made ALL the difference. – Mary T.


The professional audiologists of Hearing Solutions have skill, ability and experience to accommodate individuals with a wide range of hearing needs.  They have knowledge of the functions and capabilities of the many hearing devices available.  They ask what you, the patient, want and expect to enhance your hearing and are willing to take time to do so.  They have expertise to determine the best style and technology available.  They provide a liberal trial period for the patient to test aids under varying environment conditions.  They willingly provide warranty information and follow-up visits to assist in obtaining a satisfactory solution. I strongly recommend the highly qualified staff and Hearing Solutions for persons of all ages needing help for hearing impairment. – Verne S.

Buddy is a superb technician and has managed to diagnose some problems with my aids in unexpected ways. He is very skilled and thoughtful in his troubleshooting and has custom fit my molds to eliminate any discomfort. I can strongly recommend both Chris and Buddy without hesitation and have done just that to friends and family members. – Alan D.

My mother has been wearing hearing aids for four years, but had not been comfortable with the fitting. Then we switched to Hearing Solutions and are simply ecstatic with the perfect blend of personal care and professional service they provide. Mere words cannot express how their heartfelt respect and compassion – and their willingness to take all the time needed to extensively test and educate their customers, have enriched my mother’s life. They found ways to adjust her hearing aids that saved us thousands of dollars. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in the field of audiology, but the fact that they are bilingual was an even greater plus for us. We highly recommend Buddy and Chris at Hearing Solutions to everyone, and encourage you to call them with all your family’s hearing needs. We know you will appreciate them as much as we do!!! – Maria V.