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Hearing Solutions of Louisville, CO strives to not only serve our local community, but give back to communities elsewhere. Please help us help others who may suffer from hearing loss, but not have the necessary means to get the aid they need.

Medical Missions Work

How it all started…

The city of Mante, Mexico is located in the state of Tamaulipas, about 6 hours northeast of Mexico City and 2 hours west of the Gulf coast.  In 1989, in Dr. David Rodriguez looked around this city and its surrounding towns and villages, with a combined population pushing 100,000, and saw cleft lips, hernias, blinding cataracts, deafness, and many other health problems among a people with no medical resources.  With the help of his sister, a resident of Boulder Colorado, Dr Rodriguez appealed to Boulder’s First Presbyterian Church for help.

The doctors in Boulder accepted the challenge, and in 1990, the Mante Medical Mission sent 24 professionals into this third world area.  Chris had the opportunity to be a part of that group.  What she thought she would be doing was hearing tests and translation. The reality was much different.  By 11:00 AM the first day, the ENTs had a translator and Chris had a line of patients stretching out the door.

What struck Chris that first year was the many bright-eyed, deaf kids, with no language, no oral communication, no sign – nothing but rudimentary gestures and hope..and LOTS of wasted potential.

Following that first trip to Mante, it was obvious that intervention was needed in Mexico.  But HOW?  Could we really make a difference by doing it only once a year?  Was it okay to just hang a hearing aid on a kid and leave?  Even with training, what could happen?  Or was it a process of parents realizing that hearing aids alone don’t make kids talk – and then families and their deaf children progress to the next step. It would not be wise to imitate the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, where a Coke bottle was thrown into the African dessert, changing the course of day-to-day living for the worse because of the unknown.  But we couldn’t do NOTHING-  even a long journey begins with the first step–, so we started..

Since that first step in Mante, many people contributed to that effort.  Including all the other medical professions, the Mante Mission grew to over 120 people.  It was large — bigger than us. It only happened for one week each year, but the effort to gather resources for that one week was an on-going effort.  For audiology, the resources came from ear mold labs, from individual contributors and from manufacturers.  Beyond individual contributors, Beltone, Hear Now and Starkey donated generously.

The Mante mission was stopped in 2012 because the drug cartels of Mexico have been fighting over the highway that brings most goods and people to Mante, and most of the state of Tamaulipas.  Violence and greed have taken hold in a region with desperate need.

So now…

In the meantime, Colorado hearing professionals found that other areas of the world needed our resources. Now, trips to China and Belize have taken place for about 8 years. Belize trips last  10 days, and China trips last two weeks.  Fitting hearing aids and educating professionals who work with students are our priorities.  Chris and Buddy have been a part of the Belize Mission Project since 2007. As in Mexico, we solicit supplies from different manufacturers, as well as individual donations.


Donate your old hearing aids. We collect used hearing aids for the missions. If we cannot use them directly, we give them to the Starkey foundation “SO THE WORLD MAY HEAR”, which helps people in many other countries.

You can ask for a tax credit letter for your donation and someone in need will benefit from your used devices.  Everyone wins!





For more information about Starkey missions, go to www.starkeyhearingfoundation.com.

For more information about the Belize mission, go to http://www.belizemissionproject.com/AboutBMP.htm 

Our Mission Work:

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