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HELLO 2023

1/1/2023 by Meg Cates, Au.D.

Hello 2023! Need a hearing test? Don’t need a referral if you are Medicare! THAT’S RIGHT!!! It’s a good news for you / good news and some bad news for me type of situation. Good news, Medicare recipients qualify for a hearing evaluation if they meet medical necessity as discussed with their audiologist. Bad news is that they lowered reimbursement (again) for audiologists (and others). Who needs a hearing test? Anyone concerned about their hearing of course, and I like to recommend a baseline at age 60. What do we do for that test? Look in your ears, remove earwax as needed, test your ability to hear different pitch tones at different volumes, test your ability to hear words clearly, look at middle ear function, and test in noise. All good things to help determine whether your hearing is in the tip top shape it needs to be in order to support your best healthy aging and cognitive health.