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OTC Hearing Aids

8/19/2022 by Meg Cates, Au.D.

Did you hear the news? Over-the-counter hearing aids are approved and devices will be out in stores by mid-October. Lots of people are now asking me what I think. The short version is that I love the idea that more people may treat their hearing loss. I love the idea that we can as a country conquer hearing loss on a larger scale.

OTC hearing aids are the new label for personal amplifiers. Personal amplifiers have been around for decades. There is a good place for these devices just as there is still a good place for prescriptive hearing aids with an educated professional. Hearing and hearing loss is complex enough that I got a doctoral degree. I love using that education to help patients achieve their best outcomes for communication and engagement in the sounds in their lives. There is room for all of us at this table for helping people hear their best.