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Dr. Meg is back!

5/19/2022 by Meg Cates, Au.D.

Back from maternity leave :)

I’m a first time mother. In audiology school, I’ve learned all about how hearing develops from embryo through adulthood in graduate school. I have to say - watching it live and in person is something else!

By the time my little boy is 1 year old, he will have developed a startle reflex, localization of where sounds are coming from, fast identification of each of the voices of his immediate family (including our dog!), and have a good sense of his own voice as he starts to coo, babble, then speak. As he gets older, he will have to put up with his mother being the first to have him wear earplugs around anything that could damage his hearing to help him avoid tinnitus, hearing loss, and needing hearing aids before his time.

So glad to be back.