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6/22/2021 by Meg Cates, Au.D.

June is Alzheimer’s and brain awareness month. The world is starting to open back up again, and many of us are starting to get more cognitive input from person-to-person interaction again. I have a personal connection to Alzheimer’s, as I am sure many of you do. It is a tough, painful issue for a family to go through in the best of times.

There have been an incredible increase of information available and developments on cognitive loss in the past 20 years. Many of you know that cognitive impairment is diagnosed at a much earlier stage these days than even 10 years ago.

Hearing aids help with cognition in a few ways. One of those ways is by providing access. In fact, the latest hearing aid technology has shown to increase cognitive input by perhaps 30% more than previous hearing aids. It has never been a more exciting time in hearing healthcare than now. Another one of those ways is by enabling persons who may have been isolating to socialize again now that their communication has improved.

Hearing loss and vision loss are described in the literature as being some of the two most important controllable factors for continuing to have healthy brain health, working memory in particular. We all need to do our best to keep both in excellent condition.