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November Gratitude Series

11/25/2020 by Meg Cates, Au.D.


Who doesn’t love food? This year, I feel so much gratitude to those who help feed us. From grocery clerks to restaurant chefs to farmers to family members and everywhere in between.

At our home this year, this is our spread: turkey, pumpkin pie, and extra treats for the dog :)


As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems even more real that we are in a time of a pandemic. Since my immediate family all live out of state, plans are changing this year! Normally, we juggle how to visit as many as we can in a single visit. This year, each set of family have all come up with various virtual accommodations. One family set is ordering restaurant food for family members from afar. Another set is doing a scheduled family zoom meeting. Another set of family is ready to get together over video chat the day after Thanksgiving for holiday crafting.

At the end of this ramble, my point is to say I am immensely grateful for family, both blood family and chosen family. I sincerely hope you hear yours this holiday season.


It’s November even though it feels like March was just yesterday. This year is so topsy-turvy! Even still, I love a good tradition, and November is a great time to exercise gratitude. Here are a few things I am grateful for today:

  • Christmas lights go up early outside our office. The crew told us long ago that we are toward the front of their long route to wire all the lights. As it turns out, if they don’t start early, they won’t get done. I think ours are some of the last to go down too. So, for the next few months, we get to leave with an early dark sky and a bright lit up street, trees wrapped in cheer.
  • The City of Louisville – my goodness they have really reached out to small businesses this year in our time of need.
  • Always, always our patients
  • The Little Groomer in downtown Louisville for making my dog super-duper fluffy!