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10/16/2020 by Meg Cates, Au.D.

It never ceases to amaze me what new technology can do. Since hearing health is my job, you can sometimes get stuck into thinking that new hearing aids for someone that has been wearing them for years is simply for the purpose of making sure they have equipment that’s working. After several years, hearing aids just do not work as well because they are micro computers that spend everyday living your life with you.

I’ll be honest, this week has been a hard one. I was out with a sinus infection last week (not COVID, thank goodness). The Cameron Peak fire debris in the air has really upset my upper airway, and I’m running a little slower than usual. We have all had weeks like this.

Enter in a patient of mine who I’ve been seeing for a few years, let’s call him Peter. Peter came in with the same devices I’ve been working on for a few years ever since he moved to the area. We’ve been through some good appointments together optimizing his equipment to hear his best.

Peter came in today and was ready to try something new. I fit him with some new devices, and not two hours later I get an email: Peter is hearing so much better! As it turns out, he has been having a really hard time hearing clearly with all the mask usage in addition to his wife. Peter is so excited that the sound quality is good, and how much easier it is for him to hear and understand what people are saying.